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A breath of fresh air for Saint-Gilles

Welcome to our site for the "Communal Elections of Saint Gilles - October 14, 2012"
It is a pleasure and a clear choice for Ecolo-Groen to offer in multiple languages a summary of its proposed plan to manage the commune of Saint Gilles for the next 6 years.

Who we are

Ecolo-Groen is an alliance between the French speaking Green Party, known as "ECOLO", and the "Groen" party, the Flemish speaking greens. The alliance will fight the upcoming municipal elections on 14 October 2012. We are both left environmentalist parties who share a strong desire to do politics differently and promote good governance.

Although the Greens are in opposition in Saint-Gilles, we have been the second largest political force since the municipal elections of 2000. In addition, we have a proven track record in running some communes at federal and regional levels.

A breath of fresh air

For over 25 years, Saint Gilles has been managed by the same mayor at the head of an alliance between socialists and liberals.

At the upcoming municipal elections of 14 October, voters will be able to shake this sclerotic majority administration out of its slumber and propel the Greens into a new majority administration.

Our municipality's administration is in urgent need of invigorating fresh air. The current team has in fact run out of steam due to internal divisions. The commune suffers from governance problems and the overarching solutions put in place do not seem to meet the challenges of the 21st century, especially in areas of the environment, public transport and mobility, and urban planning.

Our program

Ecolo-Groen, who have been very active on the municipal council since 1982, have developed a coherent, responsible and participative program.

[See the program page in French]

35 candidates

35 residents from all quarters of Saint Gilles have committed to standing for election on the Ecolo-Groen candidate list. They combine a rich mix of cultures, nationalities, backgrounds and skills, which is vital to creating a diverse candidate list that is open to innovative ideas. Their collective average age is 38, with some new candidates starting out in politics and hoping to have a chance to serve on the council for the next 6 years. The list also includes two regional deputies, a big advantage given the strong links between the municipal authorities and the regional administration in a city like Brussels.

[See their pictures and learn more about them (mainly in French)]

Join our public meeting at Place Morichar, 4pm on Saturday, September 29, 2012. Meet the candidates and have some fun!!

[more info]

And you?

If you are persuaded, then vote Eco-Groen on 14 October, 2012.

  1. Please tick the box at top of the list if you support the list in its current composition.
  2. Please tick one or more candidates on the list if you support our list but prefer to select individual candidates according to your own preferences (based on friendships, favorite themes of each candidate, etc.)

Would you like help?

Great! With Ecolo-Groen, you can help in all sorts of ways: distribute leaflets with us, help organize our Green evenings, send an email supporting Ecolo-Groen to everyone on your email address book, put up posters, join us on our Facebook group, participate in our door to door visits, and other ways.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing: contact@ecologroen1060.be.

[More information in French]