Name: Rosalind LESTER

Where do you live: Louise

Your profession: Writer and editor

Depuis quand habites-tu à saint-gilles, et pour quelle(s) raison(s) as-tu choisi cette commune ?

I have lived in St Gilles for 5 years. I love St Gilles for its ‘village’ feel so close to the city centre, its liveliness and diversity.

Parle-nous de ton quartier : qu’est-ce que tu y apprécies, qu’est-ce qui devrait être changé/amélioré ?

As a young family we enjoy the friendliness of our street and going to local parks and playgrounds. We also enjoy the variety of activities and places to go out, in such an international commune.

However, St Gilles could be even better, with:

  • Safer roads and cleaner air
  • Healthy and inclusive schools and crèches, with enough places for all children
  • Cleaner, green streets
  • More sports facilities
  • A modern commune that embraces digital technology to be more transparent, efficient and responsive to citizens


Pourquoi te présentes-tu sur la liste Ecolo-Groen ?

I believe the Green movement is the only one with a viable long-term vision for our community and our planet. In St Gilles, this translates to concrete, realistic proposals for a commune where we can cycle safely and breathe cleaner air. Where everyone can enjoy a good quality of life and diversity is valued for the positive energy it brings to the community.

I would work hard to make these changes happen, in a constructive and cooperative spirit.

Tu deviens bourgmestre demain : quelle est ta première décision ?

I would pledge to limit my mayoral term: having the same mayor for more than two terms is, in my opinion, not in the interests of healthy democracy.

À Saint-Gilles, on peut te croiser…

In a playground or at the market with my young daughter.

Comment peut-on te contacter ?

By email:

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